What does density mean?

This refers to the amount of yarn, the thickness of the yarn and the number of stitches in the product. Generally the heavier the product the more yarn content, hence the product will be more expensive. However, it also depends on the shape of the yarn and colour of the yarn(s) in the product. A shaped yarn and more vibrant coloured yarn is more expensive to produce, so if two products are similar in spec (dtex, density, pile height etc), the colour could be the difference. As a company, we only supply the highest-grade products and only use the highest-grade yarns.

For high-traffic areas, the density of the product should be high, as this will perform better over a longer period of time. More density is also beneficial for swimming pool surrounds, walkways, boat decks, putting greens, patios, and play areas. On less-dense products, the longevity and performance of the product is improved with a sand infill. The sand infill varies between 5 kg p/sqm to 25 kg p/sq depending on the specification of the product.