How to install onto concrete or asphalt

  • The concrete should be clean, smooth and dry. It should ideally have a fall to help disperse rainwater. If there is no fall, it is recommended that a few drainage holes are made in the concrete or use our 12mm Lazy Foam or LazyPad under the surface. This helps reduce any imperfections in the sub-floor, acts as a shock pad, and keeps the artificial grass out of standing water.

  • When installing on concrete or similar you may not always have an edge to finish the artificial grass up to. In most cases, you have two edge finishing options. Fix an aluminium bevel trim to the exposed edges that require finishing or cut a small channel into the concrete using a cutting disc into which the artificial grass can be tucked into and fixed with our LazyFix adhesive.

  • Please note – it is not always necessary to glue the artificial surface to the concrete if using a sand-filled grass. However, we do recommend the perimeters are fixed down.

  • If fixed down 100% with adhesive, we recommend the surface be fully rolled with a carpet roller or similar, periodically for an hour for good adhesion.

  • We recommend sand-dressing the long pile surfaces while dry, with kiln dry sand. Use 5-8 kg per sqm as this will ensure that the pile does not flatten, prolonging the life of the product (outdoor only).