How to install onto carpet or carpet tiles

During any installation onto a carpeted surface, the effect of creeping has to be accounted for. This is caused by the pile of the carpet that you install over. This can cause the grass to ripple and crease, it can even happen on the lowest pile carpets and tiles.

  • On smaller areas like exhibition booths, our cross-weave tape can be applied around the perimeter with a strong double-sided tape, which provides a good firm fix to hold the synthetic grass.
  • On large areas like hotel ballrooms, office meeting rooms, and large-scale exhibitions areas with a carpeted floor, we have a unique system to lock the artificial grass to the carpet. This will allow very high traffic, trolleys and even cars to be moved over without the risk of the artificial turf moving or creasing, but removed with no trace left behind. This installation is usually completed by fitters from our head office as it requires specialist tools and materials to ensure a trouble free installation.