How to complete a join

If a join is required to cover your lawn area, unroll the two surfaces that require joining, ensuring the pile runs in the same direction on both sections.

  • Pull the two pieces together, and then fold the synthetic grass over on itself by 30cm along the join edges.

  • Looking at the rear of the surface, you will see lines of tufts running along the join edges. You will need to remove 3 tufts away from each roll to provide a clean undamaged edge. You will also notice that between each row of tufts there is a gap. Ideally, when removing the 3 tufts, you will want to remove the gap so that on each join edge the 4th tuft is at the edge. Care must be taken when cutting the backing, and remember not to push too hard and cut the grass tufts underneath the backing, or this will result in a poor seam.

  • Cutting tufts from roll
    Tufts cut from roll
  • Lay the joining tape through the centre of the join, shiny side down, ensuring equal tape under each roll, (nails can be used to hold this in place); then fold the grass back down and do any final positioning to ensure a good join (Ideally, 5-10mm between each join edge).

  • Fold back one section of grass along the join (ideally leave the roll down that has the pile leaning away from the join). Using a caulking gun, apply a bead of LazyFix adhesive, approximately 10mm wide under the section touching the join tape along the length of the join edge. Repeat with another bead approximately 10mm away from the edge of the first section. Fold the second section over onto joining tape being careful not to trap any of the tufts of grass under the edge of the carpet or contaminate with glue.

  • Once complete, firmly rub the join to ensure adhesive contact to the rear of the turf.