How to clean artificial grass?

Cleaning artificial grass is a simple and easy to do, please find some suggestions below.

Autumn Garden Tidying – Use a brush or plastic rake to gather leaves and general debris into a pile and dispose of as normal. Leaf blowers are a perfect way to remove leaves and debris off any larger areas.

Spillages or general dirt on the lawn – Using a stiff plastic brush most dry marks can be removed by simply brushing the area. Jet washes can be used combined with warm soapy water and a stiff brush to remove more persistent spillages or dirt.

Pet Mess – Treat an artificial lawn as any normal lawn and remove mess regularly, warm soapy water can then be brushed into areas that require it. We also recommend that your lawn is periodically treated with our LawnClenz range of lawn cleaners to help remove unwanted odours and germs from pet mess.