Do I need a shockpad?

Lawn Installations

Generally artificial lawns do not require shock pad to be installed prior to the surface being installed. Shock pad may be used if you plan to install play equipment on the lawn.

Roof Installations

Depending on the original roof surface, an underlay is generally recommended with a roof terrace, as this helps to protect the surface and allow free drainage. We have two products designed for this; Lazy Pad and Lazy Foam. Using an underlay enables you to avoid directly adhering the material to the roof system to secure the product in position.

When installing on a roof, balcony, or such like, you must consider the weight-bearing factors. Please call to speak with one of our technical team to discuss any specific areas you are unsure of.

Play Area Installations.

Nursery and school play areas with play equipment will require an underlay that conforms to critical fall heights. Our Lazy Pad product offers a fall height of 1.3m when used with our range. The foam shockpad will only need to be installed around the equipment and not necessarily the whole area. A foam underlay is rarely needed if there is no play equipment as it adds an unnecessary cost to the project, as using a polyethylene surface (see texture section above) provides a soft surface ideal for children.