How to install onto compact earth

Using a turf cutter remove the turf to a depth of approximately 50mm. Where there is not an edge or a wall to butt grass up to, install the everedge edging system or fix tanalised timber battens around the perimeter using wooden stakes to secure and create a boundary. Prepare the ground, i.e. remove humps[…]

How to complete a join

If a join is required to cover your lawn area, unroll the two surfaces that require joining, ensuring the pile runs in the same direction on both sections. Pull the two pieces together, and then fold the synthetic grass over on itself by 30cm along the join edges. Looking at the rear of the surface,[…]

How to install onto concrete or asphalt

The concrete should be clean, smooth and dry. It should ideally have a fall to help disperse rainwater. If there is no fall, it is recommended that a few drainage holes are made in the concrete or use our 12mm Lazy Foam or LazyPad under the surface. This helps reduce any imperfections in the sub-floor,[…]

How to install on roof gardens

For any roof installation, we always recommend 12mm Lazy Foam or Lazy Pad to be laid over the current roofing system for domestic installations and the inclusion of a cuspated drainage layer for commercial projects. Both systems allow free drainage of rain water and protects the roof membrane. Using a shockpad and drainage layer also[…]

How to install onto carpet or carpet tiles

During any installation onto a carpeted surface, the effect of creeping has to be accounted for. This is caused by the pile of the carpet that you install over. This can cause the grass to ripple and crease, it can even happen on the lowest pile carpets and tiles. On smaller areas like exhibition booths,[…]

How to install in exhibition halls

NEC tape is to be used at the NEC Birmingham and many other event halls, as this product has a low-tack, which will stick to the clean, well-maintained floors, without leaving marks. Due to this product’s low-tack nature, it does not stick well to all artificial grass surfaces, if this is the case, double-sided carpet[…]

How does my order get delivered?

Small rolls and accessories. Smaller items are delivered usually by APC or DX Couriers. Larger rolls and shock pads. The delivery will be on a specialist courier shared route vehicle which means we can give approximate delivery times once the vehicle has left our distribution centre. The driver will require assistance to unload your order.[…]