Do I need a shockpad?

Lawn Installations Generally artificial lawns do not require shock pad to be installed prior to the surface being installed. Shock pad may be used if you plan to install play equipment on the lawn. Roof Installations Depending on the original roof surface, an underlay is generally recommended with a roof terrace, as this helps to[…]

What widths and lengths are available?

Full rolls of artificial grass are produced in 2m and 4m widths and usually made to either 25m or 30m lengths. Full rolls are very heavy (300 kg is average for a high-quality 4m full roll), so unless you require full rolls for your project, it is advised to take advantage of our cut roll[…]

Do I need to sand infill my artificial grass?

Evergreens installation teams have been supplying and installing artificial grass for over 25 years, and during this time we have seen remarkable advances in the production methods and yarns used, making them a highly natural looking and durable alternative to real grass. Our experience has allowed us to test and develop installation techniques to ensure[…]

What does density mean?

This refers to the amount of yarn, the thickness of the yarn and the number of stitches in the product. Generally the heavier the product the more yarn content, hence the product will be more expensive. However, it also depends on the shape of the yarn and colour of the yarn(s) in the product. A[…]

Which pile height should I use?

For lawns, a minimum pile height of 25mm is recommended. Anything shorter and this can sacrifice the natural look you are striving for. We offer a number of landscaping products between 20-40mm, with a 37mm product like our Lazy Signature offering the softest and most lush looking finish. For terraces, a dense product should be[…]

What about surface texture?

Texture is also a factor when choosing your synthetic surface. All of our landscaping products use the softest polyethylene yarn and this is important in domestic gardens where children are using the lawn, where you want to choose the softest surface possible. That said, polyethylene and polypropylene mixed surfaces along with polyamide surfaces are commonly[…]

Surface and backing quality

In general terms, test the look and feel of the product. Ensure that the product has a consistent colour and the tufts are well stitched and product is evenly backed. *Please note in the sample packs, the products may appear to be malting, however this is not the product failing, it is simply where the[…]

Does LazyLawn have a pile direction?

When you are installing a lawn, it is essential to keep all of the rolls running in the same direction. There is a temptation to turn sections to avoid wastage factors, but if the direction is changed this ultimately compromises the finish and is never recommended.