Astroturf Mat
Astroturf Mat

AstroTurf Mat

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Classic green anti slip entrance mat. With dirt stopper blades. No more muddy footprints.

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We stock the original Astro Turf Mats in classic green. The mats anti-slip properties make it perfect for use in front of entrances and doors to limit dirt. The special blades of turf help to stop dirt transferring inside as they penetrate deep into the soles of shoes and the dirt is held in the mat.

The long lasting Astro Turf Mats can be loose laid or placed into a well. To secure into a well this can be done with our LazyFix adhesive. The mat measures 70 x 40cm, but it can be trimmed with a knife if required. The mat is easy to look after and very low maintenance – simply wash down with hose or a pressure washer.

Astro Turf Mats

You could also use a mild detergent or bleach to rinse with for stubborn dirt areas.

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