Playground Surfaces

Bring play back to the playground with our bright and exciting designs.

Our range play area surfaces are ideally suited to replace current turf areas that get muddy during the winter and dusty during the summer, with the benefits of providing a clean, safe, soft area for children of all ages to play year round.

What makes us unique?

Simple… It would be easy just to install a nice clean square of artificial grass that would provide years of trouble-free use… but why not inject something different, something that inspires children to play and use the surface as play equipment?

How… Why not try custom road designs with road lines racing around trees or other play equipment, or amphitheatre seating installed into the surface to provide a great place for teaching outdoors.

We have the know-how and experience to design and install exciting playground surfaces. With our unique CAD cutting service, we can design your playground with exciting ideas and ensure a quick trouble-free installation.

  • Inspiring surfaces
  • Transform tired tarmac areas
  • Inlay games including hopscotch, snakes & Ladders and mazes
  • Teach Road Safety using road design inlay

Endeavour School – Hampshire

playground surfaces

Endeavour School was a new build for Hampshire Council and consisted of various areas around the site, including a large wraparound seating area and seat contoured hillside. For this project, we used our premier product, Wonder Grass, due to its long-lasting properties, great colour, and flexibility.

During the install, each area was carefully contoured with our 6mm dust stone to ensure the finished shape could be covered without compromising on the finished look of the grass. The bulk of the areas were made up from MOT 1 stone surrounded by metal edging or stone edging. For the surfaces around the chairs, blocks and concrete were used to sculpt the required shape before covering it in the chosen material.

Product Used:- Wonder Grass 36mm

Snakes & Ladders

artificial surfaces

Outdoor play area flooring is essential for a child’s health, development and wellbeing. The National Curriculum has placed greater emphasis on outdoor activities, and Evergreens have been transforming play spaces for many years to help maximise outdoor play and learning for schools and nurseries.

A variety of physical features can be included into new play areas, such as different coloured or textured surfaces so children can interact and be active. For communication, language, and learning, you can take advantage of our bespoke design capabilities, including hopscotches, snakes and ladders, and roadways, where children can interact with letters and numbers as part of word and numeracy games.

Recommend Products:- Wonder Grass / Lazy Signature / Fun Grass

Whissendine Primary School

Playground stop logo

With our unique CAD design and cutting capabilities, you can incorporate exciting ideas into your playground flooring. Our most popular addition to play areas is a road design, which, whilst providing a road for toy cars to whizz around, can also be used for road safety training. We can incorporate zebra crossings, traffic lights, or any other road feature to provide a fun play area with a second use of teaching children the important facts and dangers of roads.

On the fun side of things, we can incorporate hopscotches, number snakes, or mazes, which again, whilst providing outdoor flooring, also brings learning to the playground.

Recommend Products:- Wonder Grass / Lazy Signature / Fun Grass

Muga Pitches and Playground Surfaces

School pitch

Transform tired tarmac tennis courts and carparks into new MUGA pitches with our range of products suitable for football or tennis. We have a team of highly skilled pitch installers with years of experience in installing pitches and markings into synthetic materials.

We have spent 30 years in the artificial surfaces industry pioneering new products and installation methods, pushing the boundaries of what can be done in artificial grass, including examples at Endeavour School.

We are founded on old-school principles, offering value for money, installation, and products of the highest quality, with employees who put every effort into each project, ensuring the finished result is above your expectation.