Gym CrossFit Flooring

With the increase in CrossFit Gyms, we have been developing our range of artificial turf for CrossFit, suitable for general gym area and sled push areas. Meadow Twist is one of our most popular products, which is a hardwearing product with a uniformed pile surface. It can be used in all areas of the gym; with its smooth pile, it has a uniformed resistance ideal for push track. Our Wonder 26 is also popular, which has a 26mm-pile with a distinct pile direction for CrossFit. On push tracks, it has both an ‘easy direction’ to push and a ‘hard direction’ that is good for CrossFit gyms with users of different levels.

We offer a full fitting service with all of our flooring. We can also include corporate logos, measurement markers or lane markers with our cutting service; this can be done on any surface and supplied with the logos pre-installed into the grass. These surfaces also allow for DIY installation, and our expert advice and tips are always available.

Huntsman Cross Fit

crossfit flooring

Huntsman CrossFit wanted a sled-pushing area produced from our popular and hardwearing Meadow Twist range. This turf provides a stable and grippy surface to work out on and its short pile gives the same resistance in all directions whilst tolerating very heavy traffic, including weights.

For this installation, the custom inlay logo was produced in our factory using colours from the Meadow Twist range to match with the corporate logos. It was installed directly onto a new smooth latex floor to provide a perfect base for the grass to be fastened to using our specialist adhesives.

Product Used:- Meadow Twist Green

Cross Fit Sled Mats

gym push track

As with all sled runs, care has to be taken when planning how the edges will be finished, as trims around the edge are usually the first thing to fail. This can result in a sharp or untidy look, especially if weights are being used around the mat – as these can damage most trims if dropped onto them. We suggest surrounding the sledge mat with heavy duty rubber mats (which can also be stuck down so they don’t move during use), or by cutting a 10mm channel along the perimeter of the mat where adhesive will be inserted. The grass will then be tucked into the channel, which will provide a ‘natural’ ramp, free from trims.

See the video below of one of our customer’s self-installed custom Sledge Mat.