Event Flooring Gallery

The key requirement in the event industry is to provide a reliable, prompt, and cost-effective service. With over 30 years in this industry, we have gained the experience required to pull off the most complex installations across the world, including installations in Tokyo, Singapore, Bahrain and the 74th floor at the Shard.

We specialise in…

  • Temporary public outdoor leisure areas
  • Temporary installation over carpet
  • Damage free temporary installation over wooden floors
  • Television Sets including some of the UK’s best Soaps and reality shows
  • Large scale commercial events
  • Sports advert flooring including shock pad underlay

We have a dedicated team of event installers and vehicles centrally based from our head office to cover the entire UK. Along with our partners across Europe, we provide a fast and friendly service, and we regularly install across Germany, France, Spain and Italy for the largest sports brands.

London Olympics

Olympic Installs

During the 2012 Olympics, Evergreens were called in to complete a number of projects around London, including Lord’s Cricket Ground and Heathrow Olympic Terminal.

Project: Covering Cables

Around many of the sites, a large number of cables being used for power, sound and vision were causing a trip hazard and weren’t visually appealing. As a result, we were asked to cover all the cables in a neat and tidy artificial grass sleeve at many of the key locations, including Lord’s, Lee Valley Water Park and the main stadium. We pegged the sleeves down using plastic pegs so as not to damage the mowers.

Project: Cycle Track

We were involved in two projects related to the cycling. The main project was to cover the slippery plastic temporary roadway that had been installed around Hampton Court Palace, to allow the cycles to return without the risk of slipping over. The other project was to replace the turf on a roundabout with an inlayed logo of a bicycle.

Project: Olympic Airport Terminal

During the games, an exclusive airport terminal was constructed at Heathrow Airport. We supplied and installed 3000sqm of our Meadow Twist due to its hard-wearing properties. Once the Olympics were over, the terminal was dismantled, but the grass was reused in various locations around Heathrow, including a complete gate in Terminal 1.

NFL London 2013-15

NFL London

We have supplied branded artificial grass for many NFL parties and events across the UK, including a NFL pitch that was installed on Regents St, London. This was installed early in the morning once the street was closed. It was designed in such a way that it could be removed and re-used for multiple years.

This was followed by the supply of an even larger NFL pitch which was installed at the Wembley Tailgate Party a month later. This pitch was 30m x 13m with full pitch markings. We supplied it in 11 rolls that were simply rolled out on the day. These included removable end zones that could be replaced with the relevant team logos the following years.

Recommend Products:- Springfiled Curl / Meadow Twist

Cannes Film Festival

Installed Pitch

During Cannes Film Festival, we installed a pop up football pitch that appeared in the early hours of the morning and provided the ideal place for celebrities to play against a number of the retired Brazilian football team.

The pitch was pre-made in our factory so it could simply be rolled onsite to ensure a fast installation. The pitch was made in three 8m wide rolls which were shipped direct to site in our own vehicle.

Before we could start, a cantilever stage was assembled on the beach with half the pitch hanging over the sea. The grass was then simply rolled out and fixed around the perimeters.

Product Used:- Grass Park Junior

3 Mobile Projects

3 Mobile Install

Over the past 10 years we have completed a number of projects for 3 Mobile, ranging from in-store installations, including inlaid pitch markings and company branding, to custom Pac-Man themed flooring for the head office.

For the in-store fittings, we first visited each store and took detailed measurements to combine them with the required pitch lines and logos on our CAD system. This was then cut into sections for ease of installation in each store.

Recommended Products:-Meadow Twist / Wonder Grass / Fresh / Exhibition Carpet

Chloe Tokyo

Event Install

For its 60th anniversary, clothing brand Chloe launched a roadshow of previous and current products around the world. For the pop-up shop they wanted a floor that really stood out and attracted attention in busy department stores.

A floor design was chosen for its unique 3D look, the colours were then selected, and we began producing the flooring on our automated cutting machines. The flooring was made from three colours of exhibition carpet as it was only required to last for 7 days.

The floor was shipped to Japan by airfreight, including all the required tools and adhesives. Due to the pattern, it was shipped in large six-sided polygons made up from three of the colours. Once on site, each polygon was stacked side-by-side on the floor to produce the repeating pattern.

The installation was completed by one of our specialists overnight in central Tokyo, and followed by further locations, including Selfridges, London.

CocaCola Head Office

event pitches

During the last World Cup, Coca-Cola asked Evergreens to supply and install a custom pitch theme artificial grass surface across 2 floors of their Hammersmith headquarters.

The project was a last minute request as they had been let down by another supplier, but we stepped in and got the flooring produced in one day in the factory before fitting overnight to surprise staff the following morning.

Meadow Twist was chosen due to its tolerance to very high traffic and easy cleaning characteristics. To produce the surface, we supplied detailed CAD drawings for the areas to be covered. These could then be merged with the required pitch markings so the factory could make large sheets that simply rolled out on location with minimal work.

Products used:- Meadow Twist

Heathrow Garden Gate

Airport events

We have fitted a number of projects inside various terminals at Heathrow over the past few years, from re-using the grass from the Olympic Terminal to cover the floor area at Gate 20 of Terminal 1, to leisure gardens being installed in Terminal 5.

Our range of products are suitable for use in airports and train stations. All the recommend products have been fire tested to BS4790 and slip tested to BS7976-2 all with low-risk results. Exposed edges are complete with anti-trip bevel edges and the surface is adhered to the floor using our unique floor film and 100% adhesive system, which holds the grass in position, stops creases or bubbles, and leaves no traces on removal.

Recommended Products:- Wonder Grass / Fresh / Meadow Twist