Race Tracks

Evergreens were pleased to supply and manufacture 7000sqm of artficial grass for the Bahrain International Circuit. The turf was cut to specific-sized shapes to match concrete forms around the track, pre-cut into 2m x 4m with a tolerance of +/- 5mm, and included over 10 tonnes of adhesive. A radius around a corner was made from 10 concrete forms to which 10 pieces of pre-cut grass would fit, allowing it to be installed by a non-skilled labour force.

The order was shipped in two parts. The 5000sqm of Grass Park Senior Olive was processed and shipped by sea freight which was packed into two 40ft containers along with 7 tonnes of adhesive. This was taken from stock and cut on our automated tables to the exact sizes required, but the sand colour yarn had to be produced to meet the exact match of Bahrain race track sand.

Once the yarn was produced and tufted, the 2000sqm of surface was cut to the same requirements as the olive grass then packed onto three 2m x 4m pallets. Each pallet was over 2m high, weighed 3 tonnes, and included 1 tonne of adhesive on each. Once complete, this was shipped via airfreight to meet the tight deadline of the 2005 F1 Grand Prix. The total airfreight consignment used the entire main cargo bay area of a British Airways flight to Bahrain.


So Why Artificial Grass?

Due to problems the previous year, with sand blowing onto the track, and more importantly, into the cars, the decision was made to replace some of the sand in the most problematic areas of the track with sand and olive-coloured artificial grass. The sand was removed and the area was tarmacked and concreted. The grass was then bonded down to ensure that if a car were to drive over it, it would not tear or damage the car.

What The F1 Drivers Think About Our Artificial Grass…

Question from commentary to all the drivers; ‘Obviously they’ve laid that green artificial grass on the outside of the corners near the kerbs, what do you think?’

Michael Schumacher’s response: ‘It is what we want. It is better than grass, gravel or whatever. This
is at least pretty consistent, flat, you can control the car. It’s the best solution we have found. We are
happy to listen to any further good suggestions you may have, but we haven’t found anything better’.

Hockenheimring F1 Race Track Germany

We have also supplied the Hockenheimring track with Grass Park Senior . This was cut into sections that were then fixed into removable panels. The panels were used to allow access to the cable and drain system.

So why use us on your next track project?

To start with, we have the experience of installing artificial surfaces onto race tracks around the world. The ability to cut any section to a detailed drawing on our CAD cutting machines allows semi or non-skilled contractors to install the product with minimal training. Sections can be pre-cut to the required dimensions, allowing contractors to glue each section onto the correct steel cover.

We are able to inlay sponsorship logos or other track information directly onto the synthetic surface, providing a permanent brand, logo, or markings, which become part of the surface, and reduce the need for other markings or signs around the track.

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

  • Reduced Maintenance.
  • Consistent Grip.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Enhance Track Limits.

For areas in close proximity to the track surface, it is recommend that the surface is adhered 100% to either concrete or tarmac bases, to ensure a permanent fix even under extreme conditions, including wheel spin and heavy braking from F1 cars.