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The ART in Artificial Grass…

Astro Art Evergreens UK

Astro Art Evergreens UK

As the UK’s leading artificial grass supplier we thought it would be fun to look into how synthetic turf has been used in creative and arty ways.  We looked across the pond to see how artists had used this interesting material..

Visit any top quality country garden, and there is a good chance that at some point during your visit you might see a sculpture crafted from, and around, a grassed area.

There is no reason why you cannot make an artistic display with, and around, artificial turf. But spotted outside of the UK, there is a growing popularity for a new form of making good use of an artificial lawn: graffiti!

It is a growing trend, for example, in the United States, as one of our customers brought to our attention. It fascinated us.

In one New York gallery, a huge work of graffiti art, carved out of artificial grass, is on display.

It is a fantastic portrait of a young lady, who is telling visitors (via a quotation bubble) to “be happy”, and it graces the courtyard of the gallery.

‘Be Happy’ uses astro turf to illustrate a photograph of one of many interviews in which the artists asked people shopping in a Russian bookstore to share their American Dream.

The artists – Alina and Jeff Bliumis, originally from Russia, but now based in New York – chose to use artificial grass as “…a metaphor for greener pastures, the search for which entices people to migrate…”

Artificial Grass Art Evergreens UK

Elsewhere in the USA, in Brooklyn, another new phenomenon of street art using fake grass is the work of an artist called ‘Edible Genius’. It involves cutting silhouette portraits from artificial turf, and is used as an overall work of art.

‘Edible Genius’ refers to his pieces as “topiary garden portraits”, and has recently been installing them in neighborhoods in Brooklyn as a series.

He says they reflect a nostalgia for an era that he never knew, that (to him) looks more genuine and congenial. By putting up Street Art that is simply surreal, he hopes to “…jog perceptions about what is real….”

All in all, you just never know what artificial turf will be used for next! But there really are some creative and talented people using it to the benefit of art.

Back in the real world, you might say, the idea of an imitation lawn is registering with more and more home owners as winter finally, eventually, becomes spring, and the sound of lawn mowers starts to fill the weekend air.

But if you do have one fitted, and start to feel creative this summer, take a look at a growing trend across the Atlantic for ideas…