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Evergreens UK has supplied and installed synthetic grass and event flooring for countless venues and occasions over our 30 years in the business, but none quite so challenging to us as when we were asked to help create a winter wonderland on the top viewing deck of the iconic London Shard.

This vertical city of restaurants, offices, hotels and apartments is topped off on the 72nd floor by an open-air viewing gallery that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. This Christmas the theme designed by Bompas and Parr invites people to step into a glittering, winter sensory experience to enhance their panoramic 360 degree view of London. With ice crystals and frost, gem-studded snow dunes, glowing crystal benches, a touch-responsive iridescent grotto and carolling plants – our job was lay a floor of snowy white grass.

As the UK’s largest stockist of artificial grass surfaces we had plenty to choose from but we choose the white option from our Funky Grass colour range for the job, as this is the one specifically designed for high use areas like patios and roof gardens. Made up of 2 types of yarn for added durability, depth and style there was no question that this would be perfect to help create the realistic snow look that was needed.

The area was carefully measured and we were all set to get unrolling and installing 350sqm on schedule overnight on Saturday 15th of November. We tempted fate by thinking that the only struggle would be the amount of trips up 72 floors that was needed because the lift sizes meant all the artificial grass had to be broken down in 2m wide rolls. Simple! Unfortunately, storm Abigail decided to make an early appearance to the UK shores and brought torrential rain and winds of up to 90mph with her.

Still, the show must go on. Evergreens UK is built on quality and providing clients with an unparalleled service and a little bit of rain and wind wasn’t going to stop us. Six of our installers started work at 10pm, carefully loading 8 rolls of white carpet into the loading bay in the wet and freezing embrace of Abigail. The loading bay took us down 3 floors to the corridors that led to the first lift up to the 32nd floor. Here some more corridors took us to the lift up to the 71st floor before the final trip up to the open roofed viewing platform of the 72nd floor. Then the fun of laying white carpet, on an open-air observation deck 244.3 meters (802 ft) above London, in the middle of a storm began.

The smaller roll sizes and the high levels of footfall anticipated meant that the number of joins required was doubled and our team worked tireless through the night, finally finishing installing the highest piece of artificial grass in Europe at around 4 in the morning. And an absolutely stellar job they did as well.

So if you visit the London Shard this Christmas, take a moment from appreciating the glorious vista, the sparkly ornaments and the elegant frosted windows to just glance at your feet and the soft, snow covered carpet of artificial grass cushioning your every step.

The installation will remain in situ until 31 January.

Visit the shard ticket office.

White Artificial Grass