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Playground After

A primary school playground should inspire children and encourage them to play. It should also provide a fun experience and give the children an array of different play scenarios. The local primary school based in Langham contacted us and were looking to give their playground a fresh new look.

Playground Before

Previously the playground was a bare tarmac space that was not very appealing and fun. The space was not being used to its full potential. A new colourful and bold design has been fitted.

The grass used for the playground was Wonder Yarn 36 which is very natural in appearance and is also very bright and funky looking. Our Wonder Yarn 36 grass was awarded the best artificial grass by Which Magazine.

Playground After

Instead of being a flat play surface, small mounds were integrated into the play area. This would provide more play options for the children and also give it a unique look. To create the mounds in the grass we enlisted help from the installation team at Lazylawn Sandbach. The mounds were made first by using wet pour rubber, and then when finished they were covered with Wonder Yarn 36.

The finished playground is fun, fresh and funky. The mounds are strong and sturdy and can support the weight that may rest upon them. Due to the new playground the whole school now looks more appealing and fun. The grass itself features a road, running track and a hopscotch all of which use bright colours.

Our company have fitted many school playgrounds across the UK in the past years. For example, we have worked at Brooke Hill Academy, Whissendine Church of England Primary School, St Nicholas C of E and Ketton C of E all of these schools being in Rutland. Examples of work done.

The school playgrounds that we install are designed to make the idea of play a positive and engaging experience. The playground is just as important as the classroom. At Evergreens we provide a quality product and use a variety of techniques.

Playground Road Design

If you are interested in an artificial turf playground contact the Head Office and a representative will visit your school to arrange the installation.