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Royal Albert Basin Roof Podium

Roof Podium Garden

In London just east of the City Airport a new apartment block has been built to provide more homes in the crowded Capital. The new building rests upon the Royal Albert Basin. Our company was contacted by Mulalley and Company who are the contractors behind the construction of the apartment block.

Roof Podium Garden

Above the secure parking on a raised roof podium is the location of garden space and play areas. The garden would need to be aesthetically pleasing, bright and crucially a relaxing area for residents to spend their time and enjoy the view.

The installation took 5 working days to complete with the help of 4 LazyLawn installers. For this project we enlisted the help of LazyLawn Sandbach for the rubber wet pour surrounding the play equipment.

Materials Used

To create this lawn 120 tons of type one stone was used. This was required because the different lawn areas were segregated by concrete curbs 130mm tall. The stone was used to level out between the curbs and provide a smooth contoured surface. This was followed by 20 tons of 6mm dust granite stone to fine tune the groundwork. Finally it was time for the grass to be laid which was 354sqm of Supreme V3 installed in 4 areas. Once the grass had been laid 3 tons of glass sand is brushed into the grass. Afterwards LazyLawn Sandbach applied the 120sqm of rubber wet pour.

A large quantity of materials were needed for the installation, with the fact that the garden was on a raised roof podium did prove to be an inconvenience. However, with the help of a mobile conveyor, 360 digger and forward dumper our team were able to lift the heavy materials to the raised platform with ease.
The finished garden looks peaceful and eye catching. On a sunny day these gardens will be the highlight of the apartment.