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Playground Road Kits

Small Road Kit

Artificial Grass Road Install

Transform your play area into a busy crossroad intersection or a cool racetrack using our Playground Road Kits. You can choose from a range of mix and match pieces including T-junctions, zebra crossings and parking bays.

The kits are made using our hardwearing Fun Grass artificial grass using our automated CAD cutting machines which are some of the largest in Europe. Each kit is custom made to order and produced in large sections so installation is quick, easy and with minimal joins.

The kits have a simple pricing scheme so you can make the kit fit your budget. We are also able to produce a fully custom kit if you want something a bit different, this can include lanes splitting between trees, roundabouts or for the daring racetrack start finish lines. Don’t forget if ordering for outside the UK let us know so we can put road marking on the correct side of the road.

Playground Road Kits standard sections include..

  • Straight Road Sections
  • 90 Degree Bend Sections
  • T – Junction Sections
  • Straight Road with Zebra Crossing Sections
  • Parking Bays Sections
  • Petrol Pump and Shop Icons

What’s included in a kit…

With all our standard kits the roadway is 1m wide meaning 0.5m wide lanes, it does not include any surrounding green grass, and this also includes green sections in-between roads. Loose items like traffic lights or stop signs are cut into the background artificial grass during installation.

Road Kit Layout