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Carpet proves a fashionable choice for Chloe

EvergreensUK Chloe Japan Tokyo

EvergreensUK Chloe Japan Tokyo

A leading synthetic flooring specialist has been selected by the interior designers of fashion house Chloe to design, create and roll out a haute couture carpet for exhibitions celebrating the brand’s 60th anniversary in London and Japan’s biggest department stores.

Evergreens UK, which specialises custom logo cutting in artificial grass, bespoke carpets and vinyl flooring, was hired by luxury label Chloe to make over Selfridges’ prestigious Wonder Room with an eye-catching design.

The French clothing brand was so impressed with the concept put forward by Evergreens UK that it chose the company to install the same design for a one-week installation in one of Tokyo’s most influential department stores, Isetan, within its fashion hub The Stage.

Peter Footitt, Production Director of Evergreens UK, comments: “We discussed the ideas with Chloe’s interior design team and we put forward a bespoke flooring concept with a real wow-factor for its high anticipated 60th anniversary exhibition in Selfridges.

“The brief we were given was to design a ‘crazy’ floor, so we wanted to create a flooring that would be both original and eye-catching, and presented an idea that would reflect the brand’s forward thinking.

“It was a pleasure to have such an open brief to work with and allowed us to come up with a really special design that created a real talking point.”

Evergreens UK created a stacked cube design using three shades of high grade exhibition carpet – light grey, dark grey and black which fitted together as a hexagonal and gave it a 3D effect.

EvergreensUK Chloe Japan Tokyo Inside

Each piece of the carpet, which is 100% polyamide, was individually cut before being fitted on site in the 15 metre by 7.5 metre Wonder Room.

Following the success of the design, Evergreens UK was selected to produce a second tailor-made carpet, measuring 130 square metres,  for the company’s ’60 Years of Chloe’ event in Tokyo and flew Peter out to the Shinjuku region of the city to install the flooring.

Peter adds: “Chloe loved the work we did so much they asked me to reproduce the carpet we made for the London event and invited me to Tokyo to ensure it was correctly installed.

“We used our state-of-the-art CAD cutting beds in our manufacturing warehouse in Rutland to transform a standard carpet material into an exceptional design and an extraordinary piece of flooring that is hard wearing, easily cleaned and low profile.

“We are delighted to have been part of the Chloe’s 60th anniversary and to have created a flooring concept that echoed their brand ethos.”