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Gym Flooring Sled

So when push comes to shove every Gym and CrossFit centre needs a good flooring. Over the past few years, we have developed a number of products ideally suited for Crossfit and Gym flooring aimed at sled tracks, pool surrounds and general workout areas.

Our range of artificial grasses suitable for sled runs include our award winning Wonder Yarn 26 for the more difficult Push tracks and Meadow Twist for general purpose tracks and also suitable for general areas around the gym including pool areas.

Gym Flooring

So why use us to supply artificial grass you might ask?

Well, we have been in the artificial grass industry for over 30 years in this time we have developed new products, installation methods, and our unique custom cutting service that allows us to customise your gym flooring.

crossfit flooring

Our custom CAD cutting machine can transform your designs into reality using our range of artificial grass colours from Meadow Twist and Fun Grass ranges to produce either your own company logos, measurement marks or designated fitness areas. We can inlay directly into the artificial grass before delivering allowing for quick installation by our trained installers or even DIY.

Why not take a look at our Gym Flooring page for further information and ideas on our range of products and services.