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Custom Logo Mats

Olympics Rio

At Evergreens UK, using our unique cutting machines, we are able to produce custom-made logo mats and temporary event flooring using various surfaces from Synthetic Turf to Exhibition Carpet.

We were approached to provide some of our Synthetic Turf for the 2016 Rio Olympics for their press areas. As well as this we produced a logo mat for Team GB, which was 3m in diameter, using products from our Fun Grass range. The mat was used in the Olympic Village and moved between venues including press conferences and team meetings.

Olympics Rio

Our range of custom logo mats can be produced in a wide range of sizes with mats regularly being made over 6m long and 4m wide. Every mat we produce is completed with a low slip backing for safety purposes, this also helps the mat unroll flat each time it is used. Our custom-made mats are durable and often used numerous times during events, if not constantly in certain businesses.

To complete the logo mats, we can install rubber bevel edges during the production process, these give a clean finish and provide an anti-trip edge. Whether the mats are required for indoor or outdoor use we can ensure they are made with long-term durability in mind. They are able to be rolled away and reused time after time making them ideal for large and small event work as well as shops and businesses to aid with the development of creative and productive spaces.

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