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Artificial Grass Myths

Artificial Grass Roof Garden

Artificial grass does not drain very well…

As with anything…. the key is the preparation. It’s a common mistake to install onto compact clay based gardens that already drain poorly and expect the artificial grass to drain perfectly. This simply is not the case and will only result in an artificial lawn that stays damp after heavy rain and encourages moss growth.

Groundwork being compacted

The general rule is that if your current lawn drains freely then an artificial grass lawn will drain no differently, but if your garden floods or is always muddy it would require an MOT1 stone base in most cases to resolve the issue and provide a perfectly free draining lawn. In extreme cases, soakaways and French drains can be added to improve the worst lawn areas.

Artificial grass is difficult to install…

With artificial grass, the key to a perfect install is the groundwork also having the correct tools for the project along with basic DIY skills to complete each step. The key areas to focus on are ensuring the groundwork is done right, joins are perfect and can not be seen from any direction and cutting the artificial grass to the required shape.

Cutting Artificial Grass

We have detailed fitting instructions on all the steps along with videos of how to complete all the key sections. We recommend you watch each video a few times to understand the steps and how to complete them correctly.

But why worry about it when we have a network of Lazylawn installers across the UK that can transform your lawn whilst you’re at work, ensuring a trouble free installation backed up by our leading warranty and 0% finance on lawn installations.

Artificial grass is bad for the environment…

As with any product produced from plastic based materials, it will have an impact on the environment during production and transportation, but over the duration of its life, it will also reduce other environmental impacts. This includes the reduction of lawn feed and weed killers used, watering lawns during hot summer periods and one of the largest is the reduction of petrol lawn mower use, which in a recent study showed the average lawn mower takes only one hour to generate the same level of carcinogens as a car engine on a 100-mile journey.

Mowing Lawn

Combine this with lawn waste going to landfill over the lifespan of an artificial lawn the environmental impact can be considered reduced.
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Artificial grass from the Far East is of poor quality…

This is one of the most common myths we hear, as with most thing you can buy cheap low-quality products from China But you can also buy a very high-quality product that matches and even exceeds surfaces produced in Europe.

Artificial Grass Production

At Evergreens, we have a range of artificial grasses that are produced from within the EU along with many trade products that are produced in China. So you might ask why do we buy from both ? The simple answer is artificial grass is a very seasonal product and during key summer periods, European producers are busy manufacturing artificial grass for Landscape and Sports. This causes a supply and demand problem every summer and this is when the Chinese production helps.

Artificial Grass Yarn

The factories we use in China are all new custom-built factories using the newest UK produced Cobble tufting machines along with state of the art yarn production machines, producing artificial grass from the start including yarn production which is unheard of in Europe. This gives the factories in China the edge as they can design custom yarn profiles to suit our requirements, alter yarn colours again to produce a colour that suits the UK market. What many people are also unaware of is the Chinese export of yarns has grown hugely over the past couple of years and they now supply almost all European artificial grass producers, so when told don’t buy Chinese turf you might just find the alternative is produced using Chinese yarns.

Artificial grass… why the sand infill…

Sand is brushed into the pile of artificial grass for many reasons and in most cases required by the manufacturer of the turf to prolong its use as many grasses installed without sand will prematurely flatten and allow the grass to expand and contract in extreme heat.

Other reasons to sand infill your artificial lawn include providing protection against vandalism, theft and lifting in high winds. Sand is also a natural fire retardant and provides some protection against damage caused by hot equipment like hedge trimmers and stray fireworks. Find more information about why sand in filling artificial grass is a good idea.

Artificial grass smells if dogs wee on it…

Dog training school

Anything pets urinate on will start to smell over time and particularly in hot weather. Artificial grass is no different to a patio or concrete area and will need cleaning if pets urinate in the same areas. We have Peeclenz and Pooclenz treatment solutions that only needs to be applied a few times each year. They break down the enzymes removing the offending smell whilst also removing harmful bacteria’s.

Artificial grass is expensive…

This largely depends on the product you decide on for your lawn, but as with many things you get what you pay for, and artificial lawns are no different. Searching the internet, you can find artificial grass available from £4 per sqm and up to £50 per sqm.

The key is deciding what you want from the surface, low traffic, and short term to cover a scruffy patch to help sell a house then you may well go for the cheaper lower end but if you are looking for something to transform your lawn with a surface that can provide years of low maintenance, look realistic and doesn’t flatten after 6 months then you will need to look at surfaces from mid to high prices. Our Wonder grass is our most popular product and in 2016 won Which Best Buy artificial grass. For the test many surfaces in various price ranges and from a variety of suppliers including DIY chain stores were tested head to head with our Wonder Grass leading on all elements of the test including ease of installation, value and most importantly time taken to show wear. Our Wonder Grass won with the other products showing signs of wear much faster.

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