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Angel Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre Lawn

With summer now on the scene and the sun occasionally showing its face it is obvious more people would want to spend their time outdoors. The Angel shopping centre contacted our company and told us that they were in need of an outdoor lawn space that would entice more customers outside to relish in the summer sun.


The grass used would have to look fresh and appealing to passers-by and also appear natural. The grass in question is our award winning Wonder Yarn 26 that was awarded the best artificial grass by Which Magazine. The patch of grass is located in the centre of the complex and is surrounded by shops. The space will provide an area for shoppers to rest but can also double up as a space for events.

The lawn itself is triangular in shape and in the middle is the Angel shopping centre logo. The logo was made using fun grass black and stands out very well alongside the Wonder Yarn.

The installation took from 6am to 11am and was fitted by 4 of our fitters. The area had to be surrounded by fence while the installation process took place however the rest of the shopping centre remained accessible to customers.


Previously the space was just a grey concrete canvas but now the space has been made more appealing and is inviting more customers to relax and sit down. In the future the introduction of the lawn should make the environment more attractive and colourful.

Time Lapse Caught on CCTV

The lawn also works very well with its environment. This is due to the open area it is situated in. This means that on sunny days it is the perfect place to relax while taking a break from shopping.


The lawn at the Angel shopping centre is a shining example of how we can improve a location. Whether outdoors or indoors, branded or non-branded if you are interested in the idea of installing artificial grass we are the company for you.

For more information on the Angel shopping centre and any upcoming events visit their website.

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