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Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring Sled
So when push comes to shove every Gym and CrossFit centre needs a good flooring. Over the past few years, we have developed a number of products ideally suited for Crossfit and Gym flooring aimed at sled tracks, pool surrounds and general workout areas. Our range of artificial grasses suitable for sled runs include our […]

European Film Projects

Madrid Install
Film-sets to product shoots we have a huge range of artificial grass surfaces suitable for sports brand shoots including kit, team and equipment shoots for stills and video. Installations using artificial grass we use an 100% fixing method to shockpad resulting in a surface that allow aggressive directional change whilst running without the risk of […]

Custom Logo Mats

Olympics Rio
At Evergreens UK, using our unique cutting machines, we are able to produce custom-made logo mats and temporary event flooring using various surfaces from Synthetic Turf to Exhibition Carpet. We were approached to provide some of our Synthetic Turf for the 2016 Rio Olympics for their press areas. As well as this we produced a […]