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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Artificial grass varies in price depending on who you purchase from. Typically, a professional installation, depending on the product and project details, can vary between £55-£75 per ㎡.

It would cost £2,700 to have a lawn professionally installed in a garden measuring 40 square metres, which equates to £180 per year for its 15-year life expectancy.

An artificial lawn can even cost less than a real lawn over the long term. When adding the cost of watering, feeding, lawnmowers and re-turfing required for a real lawn, artificial grass proves to be a cheaper alternative.

Installer doing groundwork

In a recent study, Lazylawn found that 56% could save up to £200 a year if they did not have to maintain their garden, and an artificial lawn significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and overall spend on a garden, making it more cost effective than a real lawn.

So whilst there is an initial outlay, the savings in time, effort and money over the long haul more than make up for the initial costs.

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