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Evergreen’s Ultimate Guide to Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass has come a long way from being purely for sports surfaces and is now a popular option for homeowners and even for indoor situations wanting to add a bit of greenery. Modern synthetic grass now offers a realistic, immaculate lawn all year round without the maintenance needed to keep a real lawn in great shape. Artificial grass has many benefits over real grass as it always looks the part no matter the weather and despite the best efforts of the kids and pets which can quickly destroy even the best cared for lawn.

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We finish up covering how to care for your artificial lawn along with some design ideas to show you just how flexible artificial grass can be.

If you are ready to have a great looking, low maintenance, hassle-free lawn all year round then read on.

The guide breaks down into the following sections:

The Amazing Benefits of Artificial Grass

This section discusses the many wonderful benefits of artificial grass over real grass. Artificial grass has now been developed to such a high standard that many cannot tell the difference between a real lawn and their fake lawn. Read more

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Artificial grass varies in price depending on the quality of the product and where you purchase from. We can also look at the lifetime cost and how an artificial lawn can also be more cost-effective than a real lawn over the long haul. Read more

Which Type of Artificial Grass Is Best For Me?

There are many different types of artificial grass, each with its unique style, pile height and colour. Evergreens UK and LazyLawn are an award winning artificial grass manufacturer at the forefront of synthetic grass technology and this chapter showcases some of the most popular products. Read more

How to Measure Artificial Grass for the Perfect Fit

Before installing artificial grass, you will need to accurately measure the area to be laid to calculate how much material you will need. This chapter sets out easy instructions to help you measure for the perfect fit. Read more

How to Install Artificial Grass Like a Pro

From planning the area and laying a base to laying and joining the turf, our simple step-by-step DIY fitting instructions will make sure you install your new artificial grass lawn like a professional for a quality finish. Read more

How to Care for and Maintain Your Artificial Lawn

To ensure you artificial lawn looks as good as when it was first laid and its maximum life expectancy is maintained, we highlight what you can do to care for and maintain your lawn so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Dogs and Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is designed with dogs and pets in mind. This chapter discusses how it is an ideal pet-friendly solution for dog owners who need a hassle-free alternative to real grass which is continuously destroyed by their dogs. Read more

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

This chapter looks at the longevity and life expectancy of artificial grass and how long you can expect to enjoy it for. A high-quality artificial grass product should last up to 15 years, but this will depend on the turf and what it will be used for. Read more

Beautiful Artificial Grass Designs to Inspire Your Project

This final chapter showcases our installation ideas gallery so that you can get some beautiful design inspiration for your next project and discover the versatile options available with an artificial lawn. Read more

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