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We know you might have questions about our products and services. That’s why we’ve answered the most commonly questions.

Below you will find FAQ’s about our service and below that more detailed FAQ’s about our range of artificial grass products.

But still cant find what you need, then simply call our sales line on 01572 768208 or email sales@evergreensuk.com.

Our Service FAQ's

Where can I buy artificial grass?

Our range of artificial grass is available direct from Evergreens UK on a next day delivery service as standard if ordered before 12 noon (subject to terms and conditions). Conveniently, you can buy online or telephone by calling 01572 768208. If you are unsure on what product to choose, we offer free samples for you to evaluate. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can also advise you which product is suitable for your project.

How can I order and pay for my order?

You can order and pay securely online or over the phone. Evergreens accept all major credit cards, cash (collections only), bank transfers, account or cheque. VAT is added to all orders.

How can I get artificial grass samples?

For free samples, call or fill out our Sample Request Form. Samples should arrive within 3 business days. If you require them urgently please call 01572 768208.

How to install artificial grass?

We highly recommend having your artificial lawn or flooring professionally fitted by our UK-wide LazyLawn network or the head office events team. If you like DIY, read our fitting instructions and use the recommended equipment. Fitting can be straightforward if you take your time.

Can I fit artificial grass onto soil?

It is not best practice to install directly onto soil. A full-depth sub-base is advised so that the synthetic turf drains properly in heavy rain. Preparation is key when installing our products. If unsure, check with Evergreens first. Also see our fitting information page for more information, or contact one of our installation professionals.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, you are able to collect your order from our dedicated distribution warehouse in the East Midlands. Please organise with your sales contact. Please remember that some products can be up to 4m in length and are very heavy, so please ensure that you bring the correct vehicle. We can advise on which vehicle type would be suitable. How to Find Us

How does my order get delivered?

Small rolls and accessories.

Smaller items are delivered usually by APC or DX Couriers.

Larger rolls and shock pads.

The delivery will be on a specialist courier shared route vehicle which means we can give approximate delivery times once the vehicle has left our distribution centre. The driver will require assistance to unload your order.

Same day, Weekend and Self-Unloading.

If you require same day or weekend deliveries we are able to arrange at extra cost along with driver and mate to assist unloading larger rolls if needed.

How fast will my order be delivered?

Standard delivery is next day if ordered before 12 noon, but we can arrange delivery for any weekday you require. We also offer a same-day delivery service for the UK. Saturday delivery is also available at an increased carriage rate. Please call our office to discuss your requirements. Carriage is subject to our terms and conditions and delivery policy.

Product FAQ's

Which artificial grass is best for dog owners?

For lawns that are used by large dogs we recommend Wonder Grass, Lazy Signature or Lazy Supreme. They are highly durable whist still feeling soft to the touch. As with all lawn products they are sand-filled to give the product stability, protect the grass tufts from dog claws and reducing the grass temperature in summer conditions.

We also recommend the use of a hose to clean your lawn when required and treating it with our LawnClenz products to remove smells and germs.

How to clean artificial grass?

Cleaning artificial grass is a simple and easy to do, please find some suggestions below.

Autumn Garden Tidying – Use a brush or plastic rake to gather leaves and general debris into a pile and dispose of as normal. Leaf blowers are a perfect way to remove leaves and debris off any larger areas.

Spillages or general dirt on the lawn – Using a stiff plastic brush most dry marks can be removed by simply brushing the area. Jet washes can be used combined with warm soapy water and a stiff brush to remove more persistent spillages or dirt.

Pet Mess – Treat an artificial lawn as any normal lawn and remove mess regularly, warm soapy water can then be brushed into areas that require it. We also recommend that your lawn is periodically treated with our LawnClenz range of lawn cleaners to help remove unwanted odours and germs from pet mess.

Why so many shades of green?

Artificial lawns have been a modern revolution in the UK and the market is still in its growth period. There are many different products in the marketplace, but many are simply imported and are not designed specifically for the UK market, thus they can often be too dark or appear washed out.

To achieve the most natural looking lawn the trick is to select a product that matches your current lawn.The easiest way to decide which colour suits your environment is to place your samples on real turf, stand back and decide which matches or simply which colour you prefer.

Our most popular products include Lazy Signature and Wonder Yarn, they combine the fresh green look of British grass with a dynamic dual colour thatch layer adding greater depth to the look of your lawn.

Wastage factor installing artificial grass?

Our products are produced on 2m and 4m widths, so when measuring your lawn or roof terrace, always think about the wastage factors. For example, if you are in the designing stages, try to keep one of the dimensions an even number to limit any wastage factor.

All of our staff have been trained to assist you in this area. If you can send a plan or sketch of the area with measurements taken from both axis at 1m intervals, then we can minimise any wastage factor for you.

For further information please see our measuring guide.

Does Lazylawn have a pile direction?

When you are installing a lawn, it is essential to keep all of the rolls running in the same direction. There is a temptation to turn sections to avoid wastage factors, but if the direction is changed this ultimately compromises the finish and is never recommended.

Surface and backing quality?

In general terms, test the look and feel of the product. Ensure that the product has a consistent colour and the tufts are well stitched and product is evenly backed.

*Please note in the sample packs, the products may appear to be malting, however this is not the product failing, it is simply where the sample has been cut on an industrial press machine and the tufts at the perimeters have been penetrated, hence they fall out. This will not happen with any product once fitted.

What about surface texture?

Texture is also a factor when choosing your synthetic surface. All of our landscaping products use the softest polyethylene yarn and this is important in domestic gardens where children are using the lawn, where you want to choose the softest surface possible. That said, polyethylene and polypropylene mixed surfaces along with polyamide surfaces are commonly installed in school areas and are perfectly safe for children and all offer fantastic durability combined with the ideal pile height and density attributes.

Which pile height should I use?

Standard delivery is next day if ordered before 12 noon, but we can arrange delivery for any weekday you require. We also offer a same-day delivery service for the UK. Saturday delivery is also available at an increased carriage rate. Please call our office to discuss your requirements. Carriage is subject to our terms and conditions and delivery policy.

What does density mean?

This refers to the amount of yarn, the thickness of the yarn and the number of stitches in the product. Generally the heavier the product the more yarn content, hence the product will be more expensive. However, it also depends on the shape of the yarn and colour of the yarn(s) in the product. A shaped yarn and more vibrant coloured yarn is more expensive to produce, so if two products are similar in spec (dtex, density, pile height etc), the colour could be the difference. As a company, we only supply the highest-grade products and only use the highest-grade yarns.

For high-traffic areas, the density of the product should be high, as this will perform better over a longer period of time. More density is also beneficial for swimming pool surrounds, walkways, boat decks, putting greens, patios, and play areas. On less-dense products, the longevity and performance of the product is improved with a sand infill. The sand infill varies between 5 kg p/sqm to 25 kg p/sq depending on the specification of the product.

Do I need to sand infill my artificial grass?

Evergreens installation teams have been supplying and installing artificial grass for over 25 years, and during this time we have seen remarkable advances in the production methods and yarns used, making them a highly natural looking and durable alternative to real grass.

Our experience has allowed us to test and develop installation techniques to ensure your garden remains hard-wearing and trouble-free. A number of newcomers to the industry try to discredit sand infill products, often using misleading statements and images of synthetic grass heavily laden with sand.

We recommend sand infill systems for the following reasons;

  • Large areas of non-sand-filled systems expand with heat during hot weather, creating sagging and ripples. Sand infill stabilizes the system without needing to install a perimeter frame to fix the grass. Frameworks to which the grass is fixed pose problems when the newly installed ground work settles, leaving unsightly ridges around the perimeter. Sand-filled systems allow the surface to settle with the natural ground movement.
  • Some non-sand-fill systems can encounter problems with static, causing an electric shock. Clearly not something you would want to experience when children are using the area.
  • Non-sand-filled areas will not lay flat in contoured areas unlike sand-filled surfaces due to the weight holding it in place.
  • The sand does not transfer onto your clothes and is not visible as stated by some companies.
  • Some longer-piled surfaces without sand infill will have very little fire resistance.
  • Non-sand-filled surfaces are at greater risk of theft, as cutting the product is simple. Sand infill systems act as a deterrent as it makes it difficult to cut through the product, blunting knife blades instantly.
  • As stated by some, sand infill systems do not necessarily mean less density or a lower grade of product. We will only use high-grade AND high-density surfaces.
  • Both non-sand and sand infill surfaces will encounter similar germination of airborne particles. This is simply removed by using a weed suppressor or plucking out weed growth.
  • Note to dog owners – non-sand-filled surfaces are susceptible to damage due to the base of the grass being clawed at by your dogs when running around.

On certain areas where the grass can be fixed 100% i.e. around pool areas using adhesive, a sand infill is not always needed.

Generally, there is no reason not to sand-fill the surface. The only benefit to no sand infill is to the installer, as he does not have the issue of transporting the heavy sand, enabling the installer to cut out a timely process to gain on margins and appear to install at a cheaper price than competitors who sand-fill.

What widths and lengths are available?

Full rolls of artificial grass are produced in 2m and 4m widths and usually made to either 25m or 30m lengths. Full rolls are very heavy (300 kg is average for a high-quality 4m full roll), so unless you require full rolls for your project, it is advised to take advantage of our cut roll service to make the rolls more manageable to handle.

Do I need a shock pad?

Lawn Installations

Generally artificial lawns do not require shock pad to be installed prior to the surface being installed. Shock pad may be used if you plan to install play equipment on the lawn.

Roof Installations

Depending on the original roof surface, an underlay is generally recommended with a roof terrace, as this helps to protect the surface and allow free drainage. We have two products designed for this; Lazy Pad and Lazy Foam. Using an underlay enables you to avoid directly adhering the material to the roof system to secure the product in position.

When installing on a roof, balcony, or such like, you must consider the weight-bearing factors. Please call to speak with one of our technical team to discuss any specific areas you are unsure of.

Play Area Installations.

Nursery and school play areas with play equipment will require an underlay that conforms to critical fall heights. Our Lazy Pad product offers a fall height of 1.3m when used with our range. The foam shockpad will only need to be installed around the equipment and not necessarily the whole area. A foam underlay is rarely needed if there is no play equipment as it adds an unnecessary cost to the project, as using a polyethylene surface (see texture section above) provides a soft surface ideal for children.