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Roof Gardens


Why not transform wasted roof space into usable leisure space at home or work?


Transforming your roof space into a safe green haven can provide you with a private area in an urban jungle. It creates a relaxing atmosphere so you can spend your evenings and weekends with friends and family simply enjoying the space and the views.

Green roof space in work environments can also be developed to provide a calm area for staff breaks and summer meetings. The area could also be used as a smoking area (due to the new smoking regulations in the United Kingdom) as our sand filled range of LazyLawn artificial grasses conform to British Standards.

Evergreens supply many surfaces suited for covering roof areas in a variety of colours and textures. Why not consider our Funky range of coloured artificial grass to create a fresh contemporary look to your terrace?

Installing on modern roof systems

Over the past 4 decades we have been trading we have established methods to install artificial lawns to roof areas without the need to fix to the current roof surfaces. This enables the building owner or tenant to have artificial grass installed without voiding any warranty on PVC or EPDM flat roofing systems. Our fixing method is also suitable on lead roofs or buildings with large lead flashing's - this is of benefit as using adhesives on lead will cause damage or staining when removing the artificial grass at a later date.

When installing any roof area you must consider a few things before installing:

  • Is the roof water tight and will it remain so during the artificial grasses life time?
  • Will the roof structure carry the extra weight of the artificial turf allowing for snow, water and people using the area?
  • It is also very important to check the area for suitable safety barriers around the perimeter of the roof so there are no hazards for young children.

Another major element of any roof area is the increased wind speed, this can be overcome by a number of methods: 

  • Use a sand filled artificial grass with a higher fill rate on the perimeter edges. (Roof must be checked for suitability of the extra weight).
  • Apply adhesive around the perimeter edge and ensure a good bond. (Check roof surface before use). Also use planters for example on high risk areas.
  • Use a rubber or foam (LazyPad) underlay and adhere the artificial grass to the rubber, this allows the grass to be rolled up in emergences i.e. roof leaks, access etc.

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