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Putting Green Projects

Putting Green Projects by Evergreens UK

For this project at London Heathrow, Evergreens were asked to design and install a custom putting green on the roof of the 6th floor of the Arora International Hotel. Before installation the roofing contractors moved a series of roof ducts and soil pipes to new locations before installing a raised deck to clear the remainder of the ducts and roof structure allowing for the hole cups to be sunk into the required position.

Before the artificial green could be installed, 200sqm's of Nylon Pro and 150sqm's of Lazy Grass for the fringe area, were lifted by crane up to the required floor along with 3 tonne of kiln dry sand (for infill) and 2 tonne of rubber (to create undulations).

The green was pre-designed and approved by cad drawing and this design was then cut into the 18mm rubber base to provide a firm foundation and more accurate feel for the green. At this time rubber undulations were placed below the 18mm rubber and this gave the green extra shape and created a more challenging putting experience. The nylon surface was then rolled over the rubber base and cut to shape. Once this was done the Lazy Grass fringe was installed to provide chipping areas around the green.

LazyLawn Putting Greens

The benefits of installing a LazyLawn putting green include:

CAD designed greens and holes allowing multiple designs before installation - this allows you to design the perfect green for your project of style of golf.

We also offer a maintenance package which includes cleaning all the surfaces applying new sand where required and this will prolong the life span of your new putting green.