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Floor Tapes and Fixing Guide

This page is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of how to fix your artificial grass or exhibition carpet down for temporary indoor events, displays and exhibitions. For any specialist advice please contact Evergreens UK directly on 01572 768208 and ask to speak to one of our event flooring fitters.

For events in your own premises or properties where no damage can be left to the floor, while still fixing down the surface to prevent a trip hazard, this information may be useful. The examples here are for fixing down the surface on clean marble, wood, vinyl, concrete and standard carpet floor coverings. The method shown uses a strong tape to fix to the floor but is removed without damage to the floor (please note when removed it can leave clean lines due to dirt sticking to the tape, but this cannot be avoided, but usually it is not very obvious. If this is a problem please use the NEC Approved tape as a base tape). For any installation at the NEC Birmingham or any other exhibition halls the approved tapes must be applied to their floors. Please see the NEC Exhibition Flooring Tape section below.

You may also require anti-trip bevel edges around the perimeter of the flooring please to conform to Health and Safety standards. Please discuss your project with Evergreens and we can advise.

Step 1

Crossweave Clear Floor Tape

Ensure the floor area is clean, then apply our cross weave floor tape to the perimeter of the area you wish to cover.

If your area is on the smaller side it may be a good idea to lay the artificial turf or carpet out and pencil around all edges, leaving you a line to run the clear tape up to.

Step 2

Clear Tape and Double Sided Tape

Rub the clear tape down to the floor ensuring a good adhesion.

Stick our double sided tape to the clear tape on the outer edge ensuring no double sided tape touches the floor below as this will be very difficult to remove.

Step 3

Fixing Artificial Grass For Event Use

Remove the double sided tape protection layer and fix surface down. It is a good idea not to rub the surface down to the tape until you are happy with the position of it, as you may damage the product or sacrifice the quality of the install if you have to remove to re-position the surface.

Installing surface with Bevel Edges

Step 1

Clear Floor Tape

Ensure the floor area is clean, apply our clear floor tape to the perimeter of the area you wish to cover.

If the area is on the smaller side it may be a good idea to lay out your artificial grass or carpet and pencil around all edges leaving you a line to run the clear tape up to.

Note: The outside edge of the tape will be the start of the anti-trip edges.

Step 2

Clear Tape and Double-Sided Tape

Apply the double-sided tape onto the clear tape ensuring this tape does not touch the floor below.

Step 3

Anti trip edge onto doule sided tape

Fix trims around the perimeter of your area. Because you will have placed the tapes at the outer edge of the surface, this means with the trims in place, the surface will run over all edges by 35mm. This should be trimmed in by running a knife along the straight back edge of the bevel trim. * The surface will be trimmed in during step 5.

For fixing trims round curves, trim triangles out of the rear flat section every few centimeters and this will allow the trim to bend without buckling. For square edges mitre all corners for a good finish.

Step 4

Anti Trip Trim Fixing

Once trim is in place apply the double sided tape along the rear of the trim. Leave the top sheet on the tape until the surface is in position.

Step 5

Fixing artificial grass with anti trip trim

Lay surface in position and starting from one edge remove the top sheet from the tape and rub surface down onto the trim with the 35mm overhang. Once all has been fixed down, trim surface back using the flat back edge of the bevel trim as a guide.

TIP: When trimming the grass back drop knife through the grass so the blade is tight against the flat back edge of the trim. Pull knife along holding the waste off at an angle so you are able to check your progress and ensure a good clean finish.

NEC Approved Floor Tape

NEC exhibition floor tape

This tape is to be used at the NEC Birmingham and many other event halls, as this product has a low-tack which will stick to the clean well maintained floors without leaving marks or residue. Due to this products low-tack, it does not stick to artificial grass as well as our other double sided floor tape, so to get round this problem apply the NEC tape to the perimeter of the area and then apply our double sided tape on top of the NEC tape.

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