Sports Pitch Logos – Artificial Grass

EvergreensUK England rugby pitch side
EvergreensUK Notts County
EvergreensUK England rugby pitch side
EvergreensUK Wolves football club
EvergreensUK England rugby pitch side black
EvergreensUK Bolton Football club
EvergreensUK Wolves football club

Our sports pitch logos service is available to artificial grass manufacturers, pitch installers, pitch maintenance companies, pitch owners or even team sponsors. We are able to produce logos in almost all artificial grass and fibre bonded surfaces and to any scale.

We offer many options which are designed to suit each specific project; from modular logos which can be produced to match any depth of background surface and placed in the correct location on-site and then cut into the pitch or sideline surface, or the logo can be cut to then be placed into the actual pitch / sideline surface. We use our automated cutting tables to produce all the mats and we can ship either direct to the project location or to the manufacturer.

Our unique sports pitch logos cutting service offers you the ability to include very complex logos to the simplest of text on most types of sports surface. From the smallest tunnel entrance logo to the largest covering the entire sideline, with the team, sponsor or even the stadiums name.

This service can also be used for sports pitch logos installed into the pitch or palced over the centre circle to promote a sponsor before the start of a big game. With the logo being factory cut, this allows skilled pitch installers to install the logo like any other normal roll of synthetic grass or outdoor carpet.


  • Complex Designs
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Reduced Risk of Incorrect Logo Cutting
  • Colour Proof of Design

When planning for a factory fitted logo there are a few things to account for; e.g. which way the pile should be when cutting the logo, so that once installed it matches the pitch with the logo in the correct position – this is simple if both the logo and the pitch are new and being installed by one company as this can be decided before any work has started, but if the pitch is already under construction (as many are when we produce the logo), photos of the pile on the pitch should be taken showing which direction the grass pile is and the direction the logo should be.

Artwork Formats

*.DXF / .DWG / .EPS / .AI / .PSD / .JPEG / .BMP / .TIF

For more information about our cutting service please call 01572 768208.