Football Promotional Pitch Graphics


Evergreens are the leader in the manufacturing, supply and installation of custom-made promotional football pitch graphics. With our ability to inlay lines or graphic into many types of artificial grass, it gives the client the option to decide which synthetic grass is suitable for the project.

Whether it is the most cost-effective grass or the most realistic, this transforms a simple piece of artificial grass into something that has that ‘wow’ factor and makes the event stand out.

Our Service

We can produce football pitch graphics with various sports designs on. These range from football to tennis, running tracks to American football pitches. We are the only company in the UK with machines designed to produce inlayed logos, from a small scale to the truly massive. This means Evergreens has produced everything from a 6000sqm custom pitch in multiple colours, which was installed in just 24hrs, to a flash mob installation for Samsung at Victoria Station London.

Many of our clients have promotional football pitch graphics produced with the requirement that they are reusable, either for multiple events, such as a product launch or once-yearly events, like the Regent Street NFL Party.

Our production technique has resulted in a robust product that can be used many times, either as a simple rollout mat for smaller areas or sectional mats for larger events. This comes with the option of having sections remade, either because of damage or simply to change the logos or dates inlayed in the artificial grass (as with many NFL projects we have produced).

Supply & Install v Supply Only

For your ultimate piece of mind, we can offer a worldwide supply, installation and removal service. This is ideal if you are working to a tight timescale or have no experience of installing flooring. Most of our smaller event pitches can be factory-made, complete with a roll flat backing that allows the grass to unroll at the venue. This entails minimal hassle and, in most cases, does not even require tape for it to be fixed down.

Bevel edges can also be factory fitted on promotional pitches, speeding up installation and giving them an anti-trip finished edge, which is necessary in public areas like shopping centres. Larger mats can also be self-installed if required and supplied in sections with full fitting, the required materials and an experienced installer only a phone call away.