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Bowls Bank Installation

Tools you will need to complete your bowling green bank installation with artificial grass:

Trowel, Gloves, Stanley Knife, Brush, Float.

You will also require boards and pegs to hold the surface in place while the adhesive cures - The pegs are made by cutting roof batten into pieces 2-3 inches wider than the ditch with a corner cut off one end.

  1. Before you start, sweep out your ditches and clean any debris from the back board.
  2. Place your boards on the edge of the green, then roll your new surface face down onto the boards.
  3. Carefully trowel the adhesive on the back board for approximately three metres.
  4. Carefully lift surface to back board. One person is to hold the start of the surface and the second person is to slightly pull on the surface to remove folds and ripples. Now using a float or block of wood rub the surface hard to remove air and to make the surface contact the adhesive.
  5. Place your boards against the surfaces and hold in place using the pegs. Now repeat the above steps around the rest of your ditch.

The above tips are the most common way of fitting, In some conditions it may not be possible to do so. Please check before starting any work. If You require further information please call our office and ask for technical support on 01572 768208 or email


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