Complete Roof Garden

Working Mums Day Care

Evergreens have just completed an artificial grass flat roof system for the Working Mums Day Care Nursery in West London. The project was to install 160 sqm of Wonder Yarn 36mm combined with shockpad underlay and cuspated drainage layer. This is to allow uninterrupted vertical drainage and not alter the roofs designed water runoff and[…]
Coke Life display

Coke Park Life

Giant Artificial Grass Coke Bottle We specialise in producing custom logo mats in many materials, shapes or sizes, but a 15.8m tall artificial grass cola bottle was a new one for us. But for a recent Coke Life tour we were asked to produce various custom mats one of which included the 15.8m tall coke[…]
Paris Install

European Installation Service

With 2015 now a distant memory 2016 is already proving to be a busy year for our European installation service team and in house event flooring manufacturing team with projects ranging from custom logo mats for Coca Cola to artificial grass event installations for leading cosmetic brands. Currently underway we have two projects running for[…]
Green Roof Projects

What is a Green Roof

What is a Green Roof? No, it is not just a really good emerald paint job. A green roof refers to a building roof that is covered with vegetation – and covered intentionally, not just a mossy growth! An idea that has been around for a while, green roofs are definitely not a new thing.[…]
Front Lawns

Express Dairy goes Green

Residential Lawn Areas On the Old Express Dairy Site in Orchard Road, Richmond something pretty special is being built. The vision of developers Exel Construction and the Richmond Housing Partnership, a social housing project of 6 houses and 25 flats with a difference is being created. Built on a raised level so that a medical[…]
Old Church Hospital

Old Church Hospital Installation

Taylor Wimpy Artificial Lawn Lawn Installation In June of 2013, Taylor Wimpey began work on a vision to turn a brown belt site of the Old Church Hospital in Romford into a collection of contemporary urban apartments providing much needed high quality housing for the local community and breathing new life into the town centre.[…]
Southend Lawn

Cheap Artificial Grass

Cheap Artificial Grass – Fantastic quality at budget prices. Artificial grass has been around for a while. It was a co-invention by Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright in 1965. Originally sold under the name “ChemGrass” it wasn’t until 1966, when it was installed in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, that[…]