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Artificial Lawn Grass


Artificial lawn grass is a great alternative for real grass and has a number of benefits. Dry and wet weather can leave homeowners with either sad or muddy looking natural lawns, and if you've got active dogs or kids, you'll know that outside play can turn a real lawn into a sorry, boggy mess after just a few weeks. 

Creating a fake grass lawn or replacing your current natural lawn with artificial grass is the perfect solution to these problems. An artificial lawn will look great all year round and it's low maintenance, so you can spend your time relaxing in your garden, rather than tending to it.

Create a realistic-looking artificial lawn with grass from Evergreens UK

Our artificial grass looks more realistic than ever. We've spent more than 25 years perfecting our installation and finishing methods to ensure our fake grass lawns look just like the real thing. Many of our customers have told us their friends and families haven't even realised their new lawn is artificial. 

Our artificial lawn grass range includes the award-winning Lazy Supreme, as well as the extremely popular Lazy Turf and our amazing new Wonder Yarn. All of our artificial lawn grasses are also ideal for play areasroof gardens and point of sale display surfaces. 

We also offer a top-of-the-range artificial lawn putting green surface, Nylon Pro, a premium quality product designed to meet the needs of professional golfers. 

Find out more about Evergreens UK's artificial lawn grass

For further information about our artificial lawn grass and other flooring products or to book an Artificial Grass Installation simply call us on 01572 768208 or email

If you'd like a sample of any of our artificial lawn products, just complete and submit our online request form.

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