Artificial Lawn Installations

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For over 30 years we have been supplying and installing artificial lawns for various projects ranging from small garden family lawns to large scale commercial installations. The common factor between all artificial lawns no matter the size is the requirement for it to look natural, be low maintenance and provide years of trouble-free use whilst also being good value for money.

Our range of artificial lawn surfaces are made from the highest quality yarns combining polyethylene yarn for the green uprights and polypropylene for the thatch beige root area. This combination gives a soft feel to the touch but highly resilient to high foot traffic. This is important if you want your artificial lawn to look good for years to come.

For DIY installation instructions take a look at our How To Install Artificial Grass page for useful videos and detailed fitting instructions. But if you want the complete installation service we have a network of fitting offices never far away from you.

Benefits of having an artificial lawn Installed by us…
  • Request an appointment with your local office to discuss your exact requirements, with a FREE no-obligation quote.
  • Finance package available with 12 Months Interest-Free or Buy now pay later options.
  • Takes the hassle out of removing all the waste generated during the install.
  • Peace of mind with our 10 year UV product warranty, 7 year product failure warranty.

Home Lawns

Artificial Grass Lawn Install
Artificial Grass Lawn Install Part 1Artificial Grass Lawn Install Part 2Artificial Grass Lawn Install Part 3Artificial Grass Lawn Install Part 4
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This artificial lawn was installed after the customer had an extension to the property and the existing lawn was ruined, so it was decided to replace it with a low maintenance Lazy Lawn.

As you can see form the pictures the lawn area before work started was covered in cement, rubble and very little turf.

The initial task was to remove the rubble, then using a turf cutter remove what turf was left and smooth the area out. Stone was then applied to the entire area, then compacted before a finishing layer of fine stone was applied. The compacting resulted in a smooth and free-draining area to which the artificial grass could then be installed.

For full fitting information and videos, please visit our fitting instructions page for detailed information and useful short videos.

Holiday Home Lawns

Artificial Grass Holiday Home
Artificial Lawn Holiday HomeArtificial Lawn Holiday ViewArtificial Lawn Holiday TopArtificial Lawn Holiday Pool
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Our range of artificial grass is an ideal low maintenance solution for holiday homes in the UK or overseas.

We can assist with the shipping of all the required materials including stone, artificial grass, sand and paving. Our installation team along with installing artificial grass can install patios, pathways and irrigation systems to complete the garden area of any new build or renovations to your current propriety.

Muddy Garden Transformed

Artificial Strip Lawn
Artificial Strip Lawn Install Part 1Artificial Strip Lawn Install Part 2Artificial Strip Lawn Install Part 3Artificial Strip Lawn Install Part 4
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For this project, the customer had two very large dogs that tore up the existing lawn and turned it into a mud bath. Being without a lush green lawn to look at was not an option so, the only alternative to concrete, gravel or decking was to install an artificial lawn.

After a site visit and seeing large samples placed in the garden an artificial grass was chosen from our large range and the installation was booked.

The project took three days from start to finish and included removing what was left of the current turf and installing a MOT 1 base, which was compacted and followed by a layer of fine stone to enable us to sculpture the lawn to include contour.

Once this was complete, the artificial turf was installed and sand filled to provide a great looking clean area for the dogs and grandchildren to play.

Artificial Lawns
Artificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawn Install
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Artificial lawn grass is a great alternative for real turf and has a number of benefits.

Dry and wet weather can leave homeowners with either sad or muddy looking natural lawns, and if you’ve got active dogs or kids, you’ll know that outside play can turn a real lawn into a sorry, boggy mess after just a few weeks.

Replacing your current turf with an artificial lawn is the perfect solution to these problems. These will look great all year round and is low maintenance, allowing you to spend time relaxing in your garden, rather than tending to it.

  • Ideal for busy family lawns.
  • Safe for children and family pets.
  • Instant results.
  • Ideal for shaded lawns

If you’d like a sample of any of our artificial lawn products, just complete and submit our online request form.

Artificial Lawns
Artificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawn Install
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Many lawns in London suffer from poor light and poor drainage, and homeowners persist with natural turf. When you have replaced it many times in a relatively short period, enough is often enough! The artificial turf alternative is often the ideal choice and is preferred over decking or slabbing.

During our fake lawn installations, all waste, tools and surfaces often have to be carried through the house – this is common in London. All waste is bagged, and floors are covered with specialist floor protect to prevent any damage or markings.

Artificial grass in London is becoming increasingly popular, not just for use on gardens, but for funky roof gardens, putting greens, safe play areas and events.

Artificial Lawns
Artificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawns InstallArtificial Lawn Install
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Our artificial grass looks more realistic than ever. We’ve spent more than 25 years perfecting our installation and finishing methods to ensure our artificial lawns look just like the real thing. Many of our customers have told us their friends and families haven’t even realised their new lawn is artificial.

Our artificial lawn grass range includes the award-winning Wonder Grass, as well as the extremely popular Lazy Signature and our amazing new Supreme V3. All of our artificial lawn grasses are also ideal for play areas, roof gardens and point of sale display surfaces.

We also offer a top-of-the-range artificial lawn putting green surface, Nylon Pro, a premium quality product designed to meet the needs of professional golfers.