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Anti Slip Flooring

Anti Slip Flooring by Evergreens UK

Anti Slip Flooring is ideal for the entrances to businesses, homes, hotels, banks, retail stores, public buildings, factories, bars and restaurants. It has also been used on slippery paths, walkways, bridges and outdoor areas in the school playground or the garden to provide a neat anti-slip solution.


- PVC granulate coating offers excellent slip resistance and will not come off even in high traffic areas.
- Temperature stable - tested in temperatures ranging from 15ºC to -40ºC.
- Grease, oil and bird excrement resistant and easily cleaned with a conventional hose.
- U.V. stable cushioned surface is comfortable to walk or stand on.
- Safety Mat offers excellent cushioning and is anti-fatiguing making it ideal in front of workstations.
- Open structure allows water and liquids to drain away.
- Tear proof and extremely hard wearing.
- Roll size:- 1.2m x 10m.
- Ideal for wet areas like pool and spa surrounds.

Anti Slip Flooring is hard-wearing, easy to clean and install and is suitable for use in high traffic areas. Providing excellent anti-slip protection in all temperatures - use Anti Slip surfacing to avoid the risk of falls.

The above pictures show how Anti Slip Flooring can easily transform a untidy concrete area into a attractive, slip restraint and cost effective pool area surface. Anti Slip Flooring is ideal for areas where the sub-floor is rough and not level or to cover slabs and tiles.


Anti Slip Flooring Installations

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    Blue Anti Slip Surface



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    Red Anti Slip Flooring



    Salt n Pepper AntiSlip Flooring

    Salt n' Pepper


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